About the blog:

jd -To Infinity & Beyond was started in 2011 to chronicle the experience of taking “a sabbatical”, “time off”, “temporary retirement” (call it whatever you like) beginning at the ripe old age of 28, for 9-14 months (depending on how you count). Over time, it has been about lifestyle design, travel, our wedding, whatever was going on in our lives, and general musings about life and living intentionally. In 2016, Jenny began another sabbatical.

About Jenny: Jenny is a list-maker and a planner. She’s a hard worker; when she’s on something, she’s on it 110%. This includes taking time off. And sometimes when she takes time off/travels, she doesn’t allow herself to make lists.

“I have been inspired by David, my trusty partner, who  pushes me to not accept everything for what it is (reading blogs and books to come up with crazy ideas). I don’t fit into the traditional box and I’m totally okay with that.  A few books have particularly struck a chord with me, such as The Simple Living Guide, Six Months Off, Leap, Born for This, and The Art of Non-Conformity.”

David eating something we can’t remember

About David: David is a very successful software developer who decided to strike out on his own after many years working for another company. As an independent consultant, he has been able to do a variety of work and meet many people, as well as take off months at a time when needed.

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Email: jennynorcott@gmail.com or david.norcott@gmail.com
Instagram: @jennyduquett or @dnorcott


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