Observing Differences

This is a post by Jenny While traveling in Portugal, Italy, and Spain, we noticed some big difference between Europe and the U.S. I would say some are for the better and some for the worse, but I’ll let you decide (with some of my own thoughts interjected in!). “Chiuso per ferie” In Italian, that … More Observing Differences

THE Holy Grail

Today, we saw the Holy Grail. Yes, that’s right. The Holy GRAIL  – as in the cup that Jesus Christ used at the Last Supper. I don’t know why Indiana Jones did all that chasing around looking for it, when it’s right here in Valencia, Spain! We had heard about this, so we paid our … More THE Holy Grail

We love Bikes!!!

After over a month of not riding a bike, David and I were itching for the freedom and glory of cruising on a two-wheeler. Upon arrival in Florence, Italy, we noticed there were bike tours available, easy bike rentals, and a flat city with a small amount of traffic. We were interested. We rented bikes … More We love Bikes!!!