Final Thoughts on Our Covid Experience

First of all, an update: I’d say we’re 98% recovered from covid! Wahoooooo! Jenny got her sense of taste and smell back mid-week last week (just in time for a shipment of homemade cinnamon buns!!). Overall, my smell/taste were gone for about 2 weeks and it was the same for David’s sense of smell. Our … More Final Thoughts on Our Covid Experience

Club Covid

We never thought it would happen to us, but we’ve somehow gotten the covids.  We don’t know how and we are okay.  Here’s our story: David started complaining of being tired and achy and a little dizzy and not feeling well. I brushed it off that he was just overtired because he hadn’t slept well … More Club Covid

Next Up: Guatemala

We didn’t do an extended trip abroad this winter due to work we’re both doing in Boston (David with a new 6 month contract and Jenny teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes). We figured we’d enjoy the winter since we missed the last two and still take a shorter trip somewhere to … More Next Up: Guatemala

Book Recommendations

Earlier this fall, a friend was about to undergo knee surgery and asked for book recommendations for while she was laid up. I never gave her my recommendations and she has since recovered from surgery, but I thought I’d write a short list for anyone who is looking for suggestions. I was gifted a Kindle … More Book Recommendations

One Second a Day

There’s an app called “1SE” or “One Second Everyday”. The basic premise is that you take a video everyday then string it together to make a montage of your week, month, year, etc. We did this last year for our 2017 South America trip and again for this year’s time in Mexico and Costa Rica. … More One Second a Day