Mexi-Rica 2018 By the Numbers

Curious about how much money our trip cost? What type of places we stayed in? How many cooking classes we took? Check out this blog entry to see some interesting stats on our 2018 trip to Mexico & Costa Rica trip! Complete Itinerary This just lists the places we stayed; we took day trips to … More Mexi-Rica 2018 By the Numbers

One Second a Day

There’s an app called “1SE” or “One Second Everyday”. The basic premise is that you take a video everyday then string it together to make a montage of your week, month, year, etc. We did this last year for our 2017 South America trip and again for this year’s time in Mexico and Costa Rica. … More One Second a Day

Birds of Costa Rica

B&B owner: “Are you guys big bird watchers?” Jenny: “I mean, if they’re there, we’ll look at them” B&B owner: “That’s good. Birders are a weird bunch.” Bird watchers flock from around the world to catch a glimpse of the aerial wildlife in Costa Rica. While Jenny and I aren’t exactly avid about avians, it’s … More Birds of Costa Rica