South America 2017 By the Numbers

For each of our extended trips, we have posted a “by the numbers” blog entry, where we share various statistics from the trip – like how many flights we took, how much it all ended up costing, and much more. You can read about Asia by the Numbers (2012) and Europe By the Numbers (2012). … More South America 2017 By the Numbers

We love Bikes!!!

After over a month of not riding a bike, David and I were itching for the freedom and glory of cruising on a two-wheeler. Upon arrival in Florence, Italy, we noticed there were bike tours available, easy bike rentals, and a flat city with a small amount of traffic. We were interested. We rented bikes … More We love Bikes!!!

Bikes! (and jobs)

So, apparently my new M.O. is to interview for a job and then start it within the next 24-48 hours, before I am even an official employee! I now have two bike-related jobs, both of which I was hired and completed the paperwork at my interview: The first one is with Boston Bikes, which is … More Bikes! (and jobs)