Final Thoughts on Our Covid Experience

First of all, an update: I’d say we’re 98% recovered from covid! Wahoooooo! Jenny got her sense of taste and smell back mid-week last week (just in time for a shipment of homemade cinnamon buns!!). Overall, my smell/taste were gone for about 2 weeks and it was the same for David’s sense of smell. Our … More Final Thoughts on Our Covid Experience

Club Covid

We never thought it would happen to us, but we’ve somehow gotten the covids.  We don’t know how and we are okay.  Here’s our story: David started complaining of being tired and achy and a little dizzy and not feeling well. I brushed it off that he was just overtired because he hadn’t slept well … More Club Covid

Book Recommendations

Earlier this fall, a friend was about to undergo knee surgery and asked for book recommendations for while she was laid up. I never gave her my recommendations and she has since recovered from surgery, but I thought I’d write a short list for anyone who is looking for suggestions. I was gifted a Kindle … More Book Recommendations

My macaron obsession

(if you receive this post by email, I highly recommend that you click in to view it on the website) We have a loose tradition with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law-to-be to get together every few months and undertake a baking project out of one of the cookbooks that we both have. That is when my … More My macaron obsession

To Do: Doing Nothing

Being able to do nothing is something you need to learn to do. Everyone always feels like they should be doing something, with lists to guide them. Even fun, relaxing things like knitting or playing guitar end up on the list, and then they are no longer leisure because they are on the list! My … More To Do: Doing Nothing