Vamos a Sudamerica!

I gave notice to quit my job with Boston Bikes in June and finished in September. Since then, people have asked me what I’m doing, what’s next, what’s the plan, what are we doing. It has felt a bit stressful and I’ve felt inadequate in my answers…..until now! We’re back at it. We have booked … More Vamos a Sudamerica!


My 30th birthday [sigh] was earlier this month. Of course, we had to celebrate it in style, over the course of over a week. First, we ate cake. Triple layered, filled with hazelnut and fresh strawberry whipped cream. Then we went with a small group of friends to Giacomo’s in the North End, a highly … More 30


The news is here! One of my top reasons for taking a sabbatical was so that I could have more flexibility with my time and be able to travel. At the start of the New Year, we move home to our parents’ for 3 weeks before we head to South East Asia for over two … More Travel!