A Reflection on My “Year Off”

Today is my one year anniversary of leaving full-time permanent employment with the city to “take some time off”. I can’t believe that a year has already gone by. As I strolled down Revere Beach yesterday and realized it had been a full year to the day, I started to reflect on what I’ve done … More A Reflection on My “Year Off”

Screen Time

I haven’t had a tv in my home for 6 years. I used to say it sheepishly or pretend like I knew what people were talking about when they referenced things on tv. Then I would say it proudly that I didn’t have a tv – I didn’t have a box with a screen that … More Screen Time

What if Money was No Object?

Some food for thought. What would YOU do if money was no object? While everyone in our society doesn’t have the opportunity to just do what they’d like without regard to money, it’s still something to ponder and reflect on…If you were to die tomorrow, what regrets would you have?

Farewell Boston

This is a post by Jenny. After a very busy, overwhelming 3 months back in Boston, we head out of the country again today. This time, we head to our ancestral roots – to Portugal, Italy, and Spain (neither of us have Spanish roots, but I speak Spanish, so that has to count for something!). … More Farewell Boston

Ponder & Reflect

  Some thoughts on life, and breaking out of the box, from Steve Jobs. I always get the feeling that most people don’t actually think about and actively live their life – considering each decision as a choice rather than a given. I feel like most of us just do what you’re “supposed to” – … More Ponder & Reflect

To Do: Doing Nothing

Being able to do nothing is something you need to learn to do. Everyone always feels like they should be doing something, with lists to guide them. Even fun, relaxing things like knitting or playing guitar end up on the list, and then they are no longer leisure because they are on the list! My … More To Do: Doing Nothing