This itinerary/timeline chronicles from the time jd-To Infinity and Beyond was started to the vague present, with a heavy focus on travel.

May 2011: Jenny quits her full-time, salaried office job, starts



Sept-Dec 2011: move out of our beloved apartment in Brighton Center, MA to live in 2 different apartments in Brighton/Brookline, all in the name of flexibility and not committing to a lease. David spends the summer, fall, and early winter developing an iPhone app under contract. Jenny spends that time working for Boston Bikes, Hubway, Mass Gymnastics Center, and starts Infinity Crafts. Jenny spends much of this time doing travel research that goes nowhere and freaking out. Note: moving sucks – especially 3 times in 4 months!


December 26, 2011: After weeks (months) of friends and family asking if we’ve gotten our tickets yet or not, we finally arrange reward tickets for us to leave the country in less than 4 weeks.

Jan 2012: Move back to our parents’ in Attleboro for a few weeks pre-departure


Jan 21, 2012: Depart Boston, layover Dallas, arrive in San Francisco to visit friends for a few days.


Jan 23: Spend 24+ straight hours in either an airport or airplane, with a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong, 1 hour layover, then 3 hour flight to Singapore.

Jan 24, 2012: Arrive in Singapore, be really hot, enjoy the zoo, acclimate to Asia.


Jan 28, 2012: Head to the northern, mountainous area of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ride elephants, take cooking classes, go ziplining, make new friends.


Jan 29-March 22: Enjoy about 3 weeks in Chiang Mai, then head to Luang Prabang (Laos) for about 8 days, Siem Reap (Cambodia) for about 8 days, Krabi Province (Thailand) for about 2 weeks, and Bangkok for 4 days. Time spent in each location was determined at time of travel and we flew between each location.

March 22: Travel back in time (without Marty McFly), leaving Bangkok on March 22 at 4p and arriving in Los Angeles on Mar 22 at 2p.


March 22-26: After a few days of being confused about what day and time it is, enjoy a visit in Los Angeles with Jenny’s college roommate.




March 27: After a red-eye, stumble into Boston at 6:30AM, thankful to be back on the East Coast (love that dirty water, Boston you’re my home!).


April, May, June: Live and work in Boston in order to make enough money for the next adventure. Jenny gets hired to work as the program manager for Boston Bikes, with the caveat that she is going on a two month trip.




July 9: Head to Jenny’s motherland (Sao Miguel, Acores, Portugal).



July 19: After a week with the family, fly to Lisbon (visiting nearby Sintra & Belem) then bus down to the Algarve (specifically, Salema & Lagos – southern Portugal). Bus to Coimbra, then trained our way to Porto  – spending just about 3.5 weeks total in Portugal.

We then flew to Pisa, Italy, traveling by train and bus to Cinque Terre, Florence, Siena, Certaldo, for a total of just under 2 weeks in Italy. We flew to Spain, visiting Santander, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Valencia, and Bilbao, for about 3 weeks.

September 6: Fly from Bilboa, Spain, to Frankfurt, Germany, onward to Boston.

September 8: Move back to South Boston. Jenny starts back at work that Monday. “Normal” life resumes, until we scheme up the next adventure!


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