Il Palio di Siena

This is a post by David. I first came to Siena, Italy years ago on a whim. I was studying in Venice with a few friends and we decided we wanted to visit Tuscany for the weekend. We picked Siena for no particular reason. We arrived to find people marching through the streets, waving strange … More Il Palio di Siena

Expense Report

Before we parted ways in Portugal, Lisa and Jared gave us €40 and said we should spend it on a nice dinner. Well, that’s exactly what we did and so we decided to create an “expense report” for them. In this report, their company is referred to as “Pine View Acres” (a story for a … More Expense Report


This is a post by David. After a week of good food and good times in the Azores, we traded the grassy hills and volcanic lakes of São Miguel for the hustle and bustle of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. Lisbon is the quintessential European big city, not unlike Madrid. There are plenty of restaurants, museums, hotels, … More Lisbon

Back to School

This is a post by David. Continued learning has always been incredibly important to me. Anyone who knows me is aware of my penchant for picking up random skills (Indian vegetarian cooking, anyone? rock climbing? Kettlebell strength training?). It must come from my mother, who certainly is a Jill-of-all-trades. I just finished my most recent … More Back to School


This is a post by David The coolest app I have on my iPhone is called 360 Panorama by Occipital. As you can imagine, it takes 360-degree panorama photos. And it is awesome. These all-around panoramas really help to give a sense of space. I took a lot of panoramas while we were in Asia … More Panorama-rama