Club Covid

We never thought it would happen to us, but we’ve somehow gotten the covids.  We don’t know how and we are okay. 

Here’s our story:

David started complaining of being tired and achy and a little dizzy and not feeling well. I brushed it off that he was just overtired because he hadn’t slept well (and, there was no possible way that he could have gotten covid). By the next night, he said,

“My skin hurts”

“What do you mean your skin hurts?” 

“Just that. It hurts. It feels like when you take an animal’s fur and brush it the wrong direction.” 

Uh oh. David’s brother had covid in the early days, back in March, and that was one thing he’d said, his skin hurt, that stuck out to me. So I decided we should go get tested.

We got tested, and early Monday morning the results came back. David was positive, I was negative. We were in a state of shock. What the shit? How could he possibly have the coronavirus – we are very careful, always wear masks, etc. And, we go everywhere together so how could one of us have it and not the other?! I felt bad because I had been like “stop being dramatic…there’s no way you have covid…”. Ooops. Sorry David.

He started wearing a mask in the house in fear he’d give it to me but that was short-lived – our house is tiny and we had already exchanged plenty of germs. By Monday night, I started to not feel so good myself. I got tested on Wednesday, and sure enough, it came back positive. 

Despite the huge numbers of cases in the country, we haven’t personally known many people who have had it. Maybe people we know have had it but have kept it quiet out of shame? Up until now, we sort of felt like how are the numbers possibly growing so much – we know how to not get it (wear a mask! Keep back!). But, I guess it’s tricky because here we are. I thought I’d write this blog post to answer all the questions that our friends and family have been asking (and because maybe one day it will be interesting to look back on…).

How did you get it?
We have no idea how we got it – and we really wish we knew. We stayed in an AirBnB, but we sanitized it when we got there (maybe it was floating in the air?). We got take-out from restaurants and at one point walked through the dining area to get to the bathroom (the diners weren’t wearing masks but we were…and we were in there for literally 30 seconds…). It doesn’t add up and we’re baffled; we’ve followed all the current guidelines (and have been stricter – essentially no indoors with other people except grocery shopping). I think it just goes to show that they just don’t know everything about this virus, and that it’s sneaky! Maybe it is the new super-contagious strain? We have no idea.
What are your symptoms?
It’s really weird but the symptoms are different literally every day. They come in waves – we have 1-3 symptoms for a day or two, then those leave and others come. Between the two of us we’ve had: very tired, skin hurting, chills/overall temperature problems (but no fevers), body aches, dizzy, congestion, headache, coughing, shortness of breath, diarrhea, and nausea. And, we’ve both completely lost our sense of smell and Jenny can’t taste anything either. There’s just a general feeling of feeling not quite right. 
How are you feeling? Are you ok?
We are ok. In the grand scheme of things, our cases are very mild. I’m not going to say it doesn’t suck, but we are ok. 
How did you know you had it?
Well, we got tested. But the first big red flag was David’s skin hurting (see above story). And, just an overall feeling of being “off” and just not quite right. 
Where/how did you get tested? What about contact tracing?
Massachusetts and Boston have several free testing sites set up. We went to the Project Beacon site in Revere, which is an easy drive-through site that you book ahead. After David’s positive result, a nurse practitioner from testing organization called to discuss/give recommendations/answer questions, then that same night that MA covid team called. They asked a whole lot of questions and wanted to know anyone he had been with for more than 15 minutes without a mask on within 6 feet in the previous 48 hours (um, are you kidding?! nobody – we’re in the middle of a pandemic!). Well, the only person was me and I was already well-infected at that point 🙂
What have you been doing?
We both worked most of the week, with some naps sprinkled in; now we may tone down the working until we feel better. We have watched several Disney movies, played board games, stared blankly at the wall, ordered (and nearly completed) a puzzle, taken naps, and sat on the deck in sleeping bags. David got me binoculars for my birthday and we saw a big bird (falcon?) in the tree across from our house. 
How are you dealing with the anxiety?
Ok, no one actually asked this so it’s not technically an FAQ but it is important! David has been struggling with this. First is the shame; feeling like we were irresponsible in getting the virus. But you just have to realize that the virus is very tricky, stubborn, and anyone can catch it. It doesn’t mean that we did something wrong. The other difficult part is just the stress of not knowing how long it will last or if the symptoms will get worse since they seem to change every day. You just have to remember that there’s a very good chance you will recover just fine and talking through your worries with someone else is also helpful.
What happens now? Do you have to get tested again?
We have to quarantine for 10 days from when our symptoms started, so David is free on January 19 and I’m free on January 22. Though, quite honestly, we’ll be avoiding people for longer than that – we’ll just be able to go for walks but won’t be distantly visiting anyone or going to the store. As far as testing, they recommended that we don’t get tested in the next 90 days because it will likely still show as positive/trip up the test.
Be safe out there you all!

10 thoughts on “Club Covid

  1. Shit! Sorry to hear this. Thanks fir sharing though. I think the mire people share their experiences the mire we can all be supportive and hopefully reduce/remove the feelings of shame.

    Also. If you need more things to watch check out Taskmaster on YouTube. Lots of silly fun (with British accents)!

  2. Well, that’s not awesome. Glad you’re relatively okay. Yes, you have to talk about it. It’s not your fault. It’s a global pandemic. Not to make this about me, but now my anxiety is like 92% worse – like you were around no one? Keep napping! Thinking good thoughts for you and David.

    1. No, we weren’t around no one. We went for an outdoor, masked walk with friends. We stayed in an AirBnB (rented the whole building). We went grocery shopping. We picked up food at restaurants (but did walk through the dining room). We went for masked walks in our neighborhood and on the beach. I don’t know. But, I’m also not willing to live my life without leaving my house at all. So, there has to be some balance…

  3. Hey Jenny & David. Thanks for sharing your story. Happy to hear you guys only had mild symptoms and are well into recovery.

    Feelings of shame and guilt are normal. I just feel that this virus is everywhere in our communities and it’s difficult to mitigate unless you truly self-isolate in a true bubble (not practical). So I guess what I’m saying is that your feelings are valid but I wouldn’t dwell on it.

    A comment on the mask wearing. I stopped wearing cloth masks in public especially indoors. If you have access to a KN95 or even a surgical mask, it would prove to be 80% or more effective at filtering particles. I encourage my wife Hazel to do the same.

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