Shipping Container Heaven

One of the most challenging things about long term travel is the constant planning and decision-making that goes with it. Usually we book somewhere to stay at least a day before but last week when staying in Manuel Antonio, we went to bed without a plan for the next day. We slept too late and missed the bus to our hopeful next destination (Uvita, 2 hours away on the southern coast) where we’d done all our research of places to stay. So, we decided to take the next bus, which would instead take us to Dominical. We didn’t have time/energy to research and choose where to stay, so we just quickly scanned our guidebook and AirBnB. We found a place we could walk to from the bus with a decent price and without much research, just booked it.

Actually, this is almost exactly how we ended up living in an EarthShip for 5 days last year in Patagonia.

We landed at the Danyasa Eco Retreat in Dominical and it’s the best place we’ve stayed so far. It’s in a small town that has 2 roads, is next to the beach and a river, and has a good amount of restaurants and amenities. Danyasa is a yoga center as well and the rooms are built from shipping containers.

Check out our video tour:

Yoga is offered twice per day (at an additional cost). On our first night, we met two other travelers who had just arrived and formed a little family. We surfed and yoga’d together, swam, and shared most meals. We did a day trip hike to nearby waterfalls (hooray for new friends with cars!). We extended our stay by 2 extra days and felt pretty hesitant to leave (I’m still not sure it was the right decision). Our friend Olivier keeps extending his stay and we’re pretty sure he’s just never going to leave.

If you find yourself in Costa Rica and want to experience (and bring) amazing energy, check this place out. Likely Olivier will be there and have gotten hired on to make you breakfast 🙂

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