I quit my job today. I didn’t get out of bed thinking, “I’m going to quit my job today!” or go to work with the intention of quitting. It just kind of happened. Don’t get me wrong – I have been thinking about and reflecting on this for months – I just didn’ t think today would be the day. It was almost better that it happened suddenly, leaving me no time to get anxious or worry.

When I got home from work, I poured fire & ice shots and put them in the freezer, waiting for David to get home from work so we could celebrate. He showed up shortly there after, looking for a spot in the freezer to put the Prosecco (Italian champagne) that he picked up on the way home. We did our shots, drank our champagne, then headed to Tasca for Spanish tapas and a pitcher of sangria.

Now that I’m home and done celebrating (and worried about a hangover for tomorrow!), I ask myself: am I crazy? Did I make the right decision?

It doesn’t matter, because I am following this: “Make your decisions and accept them”.

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