Hablamos Espanol!!!

Jenny studied Spanish in college, high school, and middle school for a total of about 9 years (though middle school barely counts). David studied Spanish for about 6 years. However, we haven’t used it much in the last 5 years, and not seriously for over 13 years. I’m happy to report that in our first … More Hablamos Espanol!!!

It has begun!

I’m writing from the hammock of a rooftop patio in Buenos Aires; it’s about 60 degrees with a slight breeze and I can hear a dog barking and people in the nearby park. I’ve been drinking direct from a $5 bottle of wine. It’s 20:41 (8:41PM) and the sun has set just a bit ago … More It has begun!

Vamos a Sudamerica!

I gave notice to quit my job with Boston Bikes in June and finished in September. Since then, people have asked me what I’m doing, what’s next, what’s the plan, what are we doing. It has felt a bit stressful and I’ve felt inadequate in my answers…..until now! We’re back at it. We have booked … More Vamos a Sudamerica!

My macaron obsession

(if you receive this post by email, I highly recommend that you click in to view it on the website) We have a loose tradition with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law-to-be to get together every few months and undertake a baking project out of one of the cookbooks that we both have. That is when my … More My macaron obsession

“You’re not Cruise People” – Travel vs Vacation

“I’m interested to hear how you liked the cruise. I wouldn’t consider you just not cruise-people, I might go so far as to call you anti-cruise,” a friend said to me on a phone call the other night. I chuckled as he said it, nodding knowingly. This was essentially the same sentiment we heard from several people upon return … More “You’re not Cruise People” – Travel vs Vacation