The Decision

So, let me explain a little. It’s not like I just was at work and was like “I’ve had enough, I quit!”. No, no – I’ve been hemming and hawing, thinking and reading, writing and chatting to decide what my plan should be, what I want to do, and why. I actually really like my job – I work with good people, for a good organization doing good work, and I (mostly) enjoy the actual work I am doing. But, after months of reflecting and built up challenges and frustrations, I have decided it is simply time for me to go; my last day is June 15.

Leslie took an emergency detour from her trip to Western Mass because she had to stop in to Boston to celebrate with me – she is very proud and helped me work myself up to quitting. The 3 of us drank a bit, filled up a flask, and headed for an icecream tour de Brighton – hitting up the custard place (closed), Three Scoops (yummy!), and White Mountain Creamery by BC – oh deliciousness (and lucky David putting up with two lactose-intolerant women on an icecream tour). Leslie introduced me to the idea of pushing someone up a hill. If you haven’t tried  it- you HAVE to! While walking up hill, the person in back pushes the person in front, making it super easy to go up hill. When she stopped pushing, I could hardly walk without her help since I had gotten used to it (like jumping on the ground right after jumping on a trampoline). Anyhow, I made her push me the entire way back to my house.

I have fantastic friends.

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