The Plan

I am completely obsessive compulsive and list-driven. Before I quit my job, I created a 3 page document listing out a general time-line, then fluffed out each step of that plan. It includes an affirming statement of my plan and list of doubts (with rebuttals) so that when I get uncertain about myself (or others question me), I can refer to my notes – all clearly and concisely written without my emotions or fears getting in the way

Here is the rough overview/outline:

Plans (Overview)

  • leave Girl Scouts (by June 15)
  • temporary work adventure(s) like GS contracting, summer camp, bike stuff, gymnastics, baby/dog sit, substitute teach, rock gym, tutor (who knows what else!) (June-Sept)
  • Travel research, travel,  & job hunt (June-Sept)
  • move (Sept 1)
  • Travel with David (Oct-Nov/Dec?)
  • Job hunt
  • Start new job (career-oriented)
  • Work job  then re-evaluate in a few years

There are two more pages to the plan, but I think just this overview is good to share for now 🙂

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