Living the Good Life

Now that I’m free of the daily chains of a 9-5 office salary, what am I doing with myself you ask? I’m busier than ever!!! I’m taking full advantage of this opportunity to do what I want. I am pretty busy with working the bike jobs and contracting with Girl Scouts, but that’s just stuff on the side. So far, I have:

  • taken days off and gone to the lake in Framingham for a swim and afternoon of reading
  • had a sleepover with my niece and nephew, followed my canoeing with my brother (why hello sunburnt thighs)
  • gone white water rafting for one of my best friend’s bachelor party
  • attended a workshop at Bikes Not Bombs on how to fix a flat
  • gone on a tour of the MBTA command center – seeing what they look at all day to monitor the light rail system…Houston, we have a problem..
  • listened to a talk and toured the Medford Wind Turbine
  • worked at a residential Girl Scout camp in New Hampshire for a week as “Shimmer”, the counselor who was in 5th grade when most of the other counselors were born
  • celebrated the weddings of my dear friends Jenny & Nick, Erin & Kristen, and Jeremy & Jocelyn
  • enjoyed a weekend in Uxbridge at my sister’s house with family and good friends who I don’t see often enough (with rocking pre and post wedding parties)

Life is good.

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