The news is here! One of my top reasons for taking a sabbatical was so that I could have more flexibility with my time and be able to travel. At the start of the New Year, we move home to our parents’ for 3 weeks before we head to South East Asia for over two months! We leave Boston on January 21 and return on March 27. Our rough plan:


First stop, San Fran to visit Steph & Jon!



Next, we have an hour layover in Hong Kong (after a 15 hour flight from Cali)



We arrive in Singapore, close to midnight, on January 24. We plan to ease our way into Asia with this Westernized city, enjoying the zoo and getting our bearings.


We plan to spend the majority of our time in Thailand, visiting places like Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Attuyha, and the southern beaches. We’ll most likely take a cooking class, go hiking, go boating, ride horses and elephants, etc.


Upon strong recommendation from travelers before us, we will also go to Luang Prabang in Laos.



We’ll also head to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to check out Angkor Wat, the amazing Hindu temples of Cambodia. We’ll also enjoy some Cambodian food, massages, etc.



A 12 hour return flight out of Bangkok on March 22 at 4p will bring us to Los Angeles, arriving at 2p on March 22 ( we will be traveling back in time!!). We’ll spend 4 nights there with Fish and Nick.


On March 27, confused and bleary eyed, we’ll stumble out of a plane at 6am in Boston.


From there, our plan is to work for April, May, and June in Boston, then head to Europe for a few months to visit the Azores, Lisbon, Spain, Italy, and who knows!

Blog entry to come soon: 2011 goal reflection.

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