Aeroplane transit

Monday, January 23, 9:00am PST
Leave Jon and Steph’s apt in San Fran for airport

Tuesday, January 24, 1:13am PST

We’ve been on the plane for just over 13 hours. So far we’ve played some progressive rummy (I won), watched Puss in Boots, ate lunch, chopped fruit (David is the master ninja), watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 and slept. The flight is pretty empty, so we’re able to each lay across 3 seats.

Lunch was a delicious piece of salmon in butter sauce with red bliss mashed potatoes, green beans, and carrots, with a roll and icecream and Milano’s for dessert. Yum! We ate lunch around 2pm PST. It’s now after 1am and we haven’t had dinner yet, but I’m not too hungry, since I haven’t done anything too taxing, besides the occasional walk up and down the aisle and seat exercises. We’re going to have dinner in th e next hour or so I think..which seems a little weird, but time zones are crazy. In local time, we land at about 7p, so dinner makes sense… Ok, back to my nap..only about 2 more hours on this flight…

Stewardess: “good morning” as she offers a cup of orange juice
David: “is it morning? I’m so confused. You just said good morning and gave me orange juice, but you’re about to feed me dinner. My internal clock says Aroooo?!”

Tuesday, January 24, 5:33am PST
We made it onto our connecting flight in Hong Kong. It’s not nearly as empty and is crowded. We’re all stuffed in and it’s hot, and I’m barely conscious. They just served another meal..chicken and rice..dinner, again, though my body doesn’t know what time it is…we both opted to skip this meal. They also came by with some Haagen-daaz icecream which I passed up..I must be tired. Only a few more hours til we get to our hostel in Sinapore..

Tuesday, January 24, 7:39am PST, 11:39p Singapore time
We’ve been in transit for nearly 24 hours. Taxiing on the runway in Singapore..

Wednesday, January 25, 1:20am Singapore time
We made it successfully! Hotel is great, starving, and going to bed after being up for nearly 27 hours straight. Let the adventure begin!

3 thoughts on “Aeroplane transit

  1. Glad you are finally at your first destination!! have agood sleep and can’t wait to hear about your first adventures while there=)

  2. I don’t know whether to be hungry or tired or neither! That certainly is a long flight to be had. Ya when on a plane it seems that you no sooner finish one mealtime it’s time for another. It’s another day for you – enjoy Singapore!

  3. So glad you made it to Signapore in decent shape! It looks awsome! glad your safe and havng a great time. If you can take pictures of what you eat. Would love to see the food! Have fun and I’ll check in with the 2 of you later!
    Love louise

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