Castles of Sintra

This is a post by Jenny. Apologies for the delay in posts. We had a delightful time in the Azores and have several posts in the works, but wanted to put something quick and easy up.

Yesterday we went to Sintra, which is about 30 minutes outside of Lisbon. It was a beautiful day, with lovely castles and 360 views that included the Atlantic.


The designer was described as flamboyant. The castle was very Disney-esque, but for real.
David the King
The castle was surrounded by beautiful woods. We hiked up to a look out to get a view of the castle from the distance.


Old Moorish Castle ruins…from over 1,000 years ago!


We head to Southern Portugal tomorrow..hopefully we’ll get some internet time and get you a few more entries!

6 thoughts on “Castles of Sintra

  1. Hey guys! Hope you are having a lot of fun on your trip, Sintra really is beautiful 😀
    Good Luck!! (I’ll be waiting to see new posts)
    Kisses from the Azores !!

      1. I’m going to Lisbon on 9/11. We only find out the results on the 10th of september, but i’m pretty sure i’ll get in so we have everything set up to go there (if i don’t, the second choice is Architecture in Oporto) 🙂 i’ve been following the updates of your blog with my mom and dad, trying to translate everything for them and they love it!

        Best wishes, Maggie and family 🙂

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