THE Holy Grail

Today, we saw the Holy Grail. Yes, that’s right. The Holy GRAIL  – as in the cup that Jesus Christ used at the Last Supper. I don’t know why Indiana Jones did all that chasing around looking for it, when it’s right here in Valencia, Spain!

Cathedral de Santa Maria de Valencia

We had heard about this, so we paid our 4 euro each and went in.

Very ceremoniously displayed, behind heavy security

You may be skeptical, saying they don’t know where the Holy Grail is, it’s all a myth, etc. That’s what we thought too. But, if the Holy Grail does exist, the one we saw is it.  When we got home, I googled “where is the Holy Grail”. Wikipedia gave me a long, long answer (which I don’t suggest reading) but I pulled out some text from it:

There are cups claimed to be the Grail in several churches, for instance the Saint Mary of Valencia Cathedral, which contains an artifact, the Holy Chalice, supposedly taken by Saint Peter to Rome in the 1st century, and then to Huesca in Spain by Saint Lawrence in the 3rd century. According to legend, the monastery of San Juan de la Peña, located at the south-west of Jaca, in the province of Huesca, Spain, protected the chalice of the Last Supper from the Islamic invaders of the Iberian Peninsula. Archaeologists say the artifact is a 1st century Middle Eastern stone vessel, possibly from Antioch, Syria (now Turkey); its history can be traced to the 11th century, and it now rests atop an ornate stem and base, made in the Medieval era of alabaster, gold, and gemstones. It was the official papal chalice for many popes, and has been used by many others, most recently by Pope Benedict XVI, on July 9, 2006.

You couldn’t get too close up

Another site lists possible locations for the Holy Grail, and Valencia is the top choice, noting that a carbon test dates this Chalice back to somewhere between 300BC-100AD. It’s said to the the official Chalice of the Roman Catholic Church. Another site also talks about it being the one.

Super zoom. See any finger prints?

So, is this really the Holy Grail? Nobody can know for certain, but it’s fun to believe it is!


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