Europe 2012 by the Numbers

This is a post by Jenny.

Here is a rundown of our 2 month trip to Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

Green & Blue Lakes in Sao Miguel

Complete Itinerary:
Portugal: Sao Miguel (Azores), Lisboa, Salema, Lagos, Coimbra, Porto
Italy: Pisa, Cinque Terre, Florence, Siena, Tuscan Town (Certaldo)
Spain: Santander, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao

Nights spent in Portugal: 24
Nights spent in Italy: 15
Nights spent in Spain: 19
Total trip length: 60 days

Number of airports: 9
Number of hours spent in airports: 16
Number of flights taken: 7
Number of hours spent on planes: 21
Longest flight:  8 hrs (Frankfurt, Germany to Boston)
Shortest flight: 57 minutes (Valencia to Santander)
Total amount of time dedicated to airplane travel: 37 hours (1.5 days)

Other transit:
Long distance buses: 9
Long distance trains: 4
(Great bus system in Portugal and Spain and train system in Italy!)

Times Clothes Washed in the Sink: Too many to count!

Number of different places we slept: 18
Number of Shared Dorm rooms: 4
Longest Stay: 9 days at a B&B in Valencia (that didn’t offer bfast)
Shortest Stay: 1 day (Lagos, Pisa, Santander, Bilbao)

Money: Rough cost breakdowns (total for 2 people):

Flights total: $2164
— Flights to/from Europe: $1048 (one flight paid in frequent flyer miles)
— Flights around Europe: $1116

Travel insurance: $308

ATM fees: $0! (thanks to Rockland Trust!)

Cash/credit cards (covers food, gifts, activities, hotels etc): $9306
Total cost for 2 people:$11,778

Total cost per person: $5,889
Total daily cost per person per day: $98

“When it is good, we call it gelato. When it is bad, we call it icecream.” – Cooking Instructor

Estimated Number of gelato cones eaten: 27
Number of blog entries written: 10
Cooking classes taken: 3
Bikes ridden: 4 + about 50 bikeshare bikes in Valencia

Pizza making in Florence!
Liters of wine drank…


The number of pastries eaten: You don’t want to know, but I will tell you that Portuguese bakeries are KILLER!





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