Back in the U-S-S-A!

After almost 20 hours of continuous travel, we are happy to report we safely arrived home on Thursday afternoon! It was a long journey back by way of Texas. Luckily, there was a welcome party waiting for us at the airport:

Jenny, Jenny’s brother Eric, David at Logan Airport right after arrival

Ok, it wasn’t exactly a welcome party – my brother was at the airport to fly to Rome for a school field trip and the timing lined up for us to see each other. It was quite fun and a special way to arrive home.

After we got home, we pretty much looked like this:

The joys of our return include:

  • sleeping in our bed
  • going grocery shopping for whatever we want/as much as we want
  • Riding our bikes
  • Seeing friends and family
It’s good to be in America: a long awaited baked apple pancake for breakfast and some Americana at Fenway

Returning back to life in Boston has also been a little disorienting. This includes:

  • Not talking to everyone we meet in Spanish
  • Remembering to throw toilet paper into the toilet, not the trash
  • Walking by an ATM and feeling like we need to withdraw the maximum cash possible
  • Being apart after being together for literally every minute save an hour here or there for almost 3 months

We’re taking our re-entry slow. Being away for 3 months gave us the opportunity to not just travel but to get to a different mindset of creativity and relaxation and we’re in no rush to return to our lives as they previously were. We will eventually be looking for work (or maybe we’ll go somewhere else?!) but for now, we’re trying to do all the things we decided we’d like to do while away.

Thanks for coming along on the journey with us.

And, don’t worry, there are still more awesome blog entries to come. On deck are some entries about the interesting people we’ve met, the food and drink of Argentina, a run down of stats about our trip, some highlight video footage, and more!

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