Reflection/Review of my 2011 Goals

Goals Met:

  1. Volunteer 3x: I lost track of how many times I volunteered, which was great! I became a semi-regular volunteer with the Livable Streets Alliance, supporting the development of a built environment friendly to all users. I also volunteered with Bikes Not Bombs, the Charles River Clean Up, Cradles to Crayons, and the Mass Service Alliance. While these were all one-off opportunities and I didn’t get to meet as many people through volunteering as I hoped, I supported some good causes and got my feet wet for the future.

  2. Make new friends (measure by: going out for drinks with 1-2 people I just met this year, signing up for something structured, climbing 1x/wk on a regular day): I met this goal because I went out with some new people and joined a temporary bowling league. By starting a few new jobs and volunteering more, I definitely met a lot of new people but still feel like I want to develop better friendships with more people in the Boston area.

  3. Ride a horse: Gloriously done (see earlier blog post), hoping to do more!

  4. Floss every other day: not sure if it was technically every other day or sometimes everyday and sometimes not for a few days, but I feel good about doing a better job of flossing this year!

  5. See Meghan (from NY) 1-2x: Victorious! I have seen Meghan enough times that I actually lost count! I think we saw each other at least 3 times, including a good time at a Zox concert, followed by a romantic date at Waterfire.

  6. Travel abroad/by plane 2x: While disappointed that I did not travel abroad in 2011, I did get in a fair amount of traveling, which included traveling by plane twice: visiting Colorado with David for Fishy’s wedding, and flying east after a road trip out west. Both great trips.

  7. Read 15 books: I cut it a bit close with this, but I ticked off exactly 15 books. Much of my reading time this year was spent looking at guidebooks/doing travel research, which for the most part, did not make it onto my “books I read this year” list. My top few though were A Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs, One Week Job, and The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost.

  8. Drive car less than 9,700 miles: I started 2011 with 71,400 miles, and ended with 80,478, so I drove it about 9,078 miles. Victory again!

  9. Send 2-5 letters/cards by snail mail: I easily met this goal, sending random letters to Leslie, Meghan, Ed, Amy, and a few others. I love sending (and receiving, hint hint) snail mail

  10. Complete a triathlon/5k/athletic race of some sort: I would have liked to do a triathlon, but it just didn’t happen (not having a good enough bike being the first in a long line of excuses). However, I did run the B.A.A. 5k the day before the Boston Marathon and got to cross the marathon finish line. It felt good and I enjoyed it.

  11. Quit my job: Ho yeah did I meet this goal!! I spent the first quarter of 2011 reading and reflecting, and gave my notice to Girl Scouts in May. Quitting my job was not only liberating, it presented a lot of great opportunities, such as working to market the new bike share program in Boston, teaching bike safety classes as the lead Boston Bikes cycling instructor, and starting Infinity Crafts.

  12.  Move: Unfortunately, I think we actually overachieved this goal, and did a little too much moving in 2011! In September we moved out of the beloved Eulita Diner to avoid being locked into a 1 year least in a 3 bedroom apartment and into Englewood Estates (aka the Burke mansion). In October we moved into the “Beacon St Inn” while our friends enjoyed an extended honeymoon. And at the end of the year, we moved back to our parent’s in Attleboro. That’s 3 moves, living in 4 different places, in 4 months. Phew.

Goals Sorta Met:

  1. Weigh 145lbs: Well, I’m not exactly here yet, but I did lose about 15 pounds, and I feel pretty good about that.

  2. Learn a new language or practice the ones I know: It’s fuzzy if I was really successful at this – I did buy an Italian workbook and listen to Italian language pod casts, and I did start to learn some Thai, but I don’t think I can really say I am any better off than I was last year..

  3. Buy a new bike and ride more than 500 mi: I didn’t buy a new bike, due to analysis paralysis and wanting a bike that doesn’t really exist. I did however, definitely log over 500 miles, and most likely over 1,000 miles, as biking became integrated into my employment.

Goals I failed to Meet:

  1. Moisturize hands, feet/legs 2x wk: abysmal failure. I just don’t really like moisturizing.

  2. Learn 3 new songs on guitar: even bigger abysmal failure. I’m a guitar-playing disappointment and I didn’t learn a single new song, or even play that much.

  3. Finish knitting my dad’s blanket, or at least an additional 2 feet: Bah! I didn’t do a very good job L while the blanket does look great, I only added on 1 foot (from 3.5 ft long to 4.5 ft long).

  4. Get dog/cat: This was completely unrealistic and I knew it wouldn’t happen, but I just want one.

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