The Good Life: Pt II

A few months ago I made a post about all of the great things I have had the opportunity to do since leaving my job and having a lot of freedom and flexibility with my scheduling and what I do with myself. This blessing has continued, so I’d like to make another list of great things I’ve been doing:

  • Spend quality time with my friend from AmeriCorps, Meghan.Usually see each other 1-2 times per year; I saw her twice from Aug-October! This included enjoying a romantic date going to the Zox convert and Waterfire Providence, and pumpkin carving in NY.
  • Sell many of our belongings and pack us up and move us (twice, soon to be thrice).
  • Volunteer: I’ve helped with check-in a handful of times for Livable Streets Alliance events. I also scooped icecream at an icecream parlour in Brighton to benefit Bikes not Bombs.
  • I brought the bike program to 3 different Boston Public High Schools, getting an interesting view into the students and schools.
  • Randomly play on the Stanford Alum Softball Team
  • Get a mani-pedi with my mom (stop laughing)
  • Be there for my family more than possible with a full time job during the time of my Memere’s passing, including writing the eulogy and helping with planning,
  • Go on a nearly 3 week “vacation” of a cross-country road trip and a week in Maine.
  • Babysit and spend extra time with my niece and nephew.
  • Visit the beautiful Boston Harbor Islands
  • Accomplish one of my year goals – riding a horse for the very first time! It was great!
  • Went to the Mass State House dressed in a tigger costume with a large group of advocates to talk to legislators about updating the bottle redemption bill to include other beverage types such as water, energy drinks, etc.
  • Start a small business making and selling arts and crafts, including attending several fairs as a vendor
  • Work to plan a multi-week, mult-imonth, out of the country experience.

During this time of remembering to be thankful, I know I am truly blessed for the opportunities I have had!

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