Something New!

I have added cake decorating to my “want to learn/do during my sabbatical” list! Below is the cake that I made (with assistance from David & his mom) for my birthday – I know, you’re not supposed to make your own birthday cake, but I wanted the chance to learn some cake decorating skills!

a "whimsical" cake, intentionally tilted with lots of fun, bright colors!
chocolate cake, with oreo whipped cream filling, and buttercream frosting!

There were a handful of debacles (including me spraying frosting all over the kitchen when it overflowed out of the spinning mixer), but you know, you live and learn! The cake recipe came off the Hershey’s Cocoa Powder container, and the decorating came out of the book The Whimsical BakeHouse by Kaye & Liv Hansen.

P.S. We leave for Asia in just 11 days!!! Ahhhh!!

6 thoughts on “Something New!

  1. um my birthday is after your sabbatical, so maybe you can make me an easter cake when you get back for your travels..=)

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