An Ode to Asian Transportation

This is a poem by David

This is an ode to asian transportation
Often the cause of much consternation

The classic Thai ride is the ubiquitous tuk-tuk
They’re down every street and alley you look
Imagine, if you can, a big motor bike
With a cage welded on to make it a trike
Now add a crazy driver and two benches in the back
It’s like flying through the streets in a delapitated spacecraft
A tuk-tuk is named for the noises it makes….

Ride in a songthao is something you must
It’s a cross between a cab, a truck, and a bus
First flag one down and tell him your goal
If he’s not going there then he will say “no”
But if it’s on his path he’ll offer a ride
Just settle on a fare before getting inside
You sit in the bed of a red pickup truck
There’s a bench and a roof so sit down and good luck!I
Cruise around town and you’ll pick others up
A haphazard voyage in this fine pickup truck
When it comes to your stop you hoot and you holler
Bang on the roof then hand over your dollar

There are quite a few more warriors of the road
Such as mopeds and rickshaws and cars new and old
The locals all ride on loud motorbikes
Of this type of transport you’ve never seen the likes
For a moped at home would fit one skinny gal
But in Thailand a bike will fit you, your brother, and his pal
Yes, the motorbike is a regular family van
It will fit five people or more if it can

For all that I laugh and all that I talk
I’ll stay where it’s safe: here on the sidewalk!

Hardly the strangest vehicle on the roads. Anyone need a snack?
Tuk-tuk in Luang Prabang. They look a little different in each country.
Songthao in Chiang Mai
Mattress delivery
Mattress delivery in Siem Reap
Who needs an airbag when you have pillows?
This guy is driving down the road with dead, feathered chickens hanging off his bike

5 thoughts on “An Ode to Asian Transportation

    1. haha glad you like it! I composed the poem while sitting along the river on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Probably an hour.

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