Monkey (and videos)

We’ve uploaded a few videos to our posts, but we just found out that the videos don’t show up in email! So if you are reading our blog by email or by RSS, you may have missed a few clips.

From now on we’ll note when there’s a video on the blog and you’ll have to go to the website if you want to watch it. Sorry!

To kick off this motion picture nonsense, here’s a video of a monkey we encountered at Angkor Wat. He literally ambushed a couple tourists and stole a package of cookies. Unfortunately we didn’t get the takedown on video, but you can watch him happily munch away on his bounty:

If you are afraid you’ve missed any other video hijinks, check out these older posts:
Elephant Riding – How to ride a giant
Ziplining – Jenny flying through the treetops
Kuang Si Waterfalls – Wherein David makes a big splash
Packing List – David recorded a video of his gear before leaving the States

For a few other videos that didn’t get directly posted on the blog, see my YouTube Channel.

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