Back in the States (and Thank You)!

We flew into Boston this morning (love that dirty water)! Although our adventure was amazing, it certainly is great to be home. Oh clean tap water, how we’ve missed you!

We’ll put out a few more posts about our trip, so stay tuned. For now we want to take this post to say thanks to everyone that we met along the way. The Thai, Lao, and Khmer people that we encountered were all so genuine and helpful. And we met so many other travelers in planes, tuk-tuks, and over beers, all of whom were friendly and offered great advice.

Hanging out with Jon and Steph at the Exploratorium

Hopefully some of these people are still reading this blog, and if so here’s your shout out! Please drop us a line, we’d love to hear how your adventures are/were.

  • Gabe and Christa – let’s meet up in Europe!
  • Palm, our friend, cooking instructor, and cultural ambassador to Thailand – thanks so much for showing us around and making us farangs feel welcome. Come visit us in America!
  • Alex from France
  • John Bardos
  • Matt Bellemare
  • Justin Fulcher and Ola (sorry, didn’t get your last name!)
  • Simon and Erin
  • Jenny
  • Dave Dean
  • Chuck and Aden – thanks for the recommendation on Koh Jum. We loved it there!
  • Jen on the plane to San Francisco – thanks for recommending the Exploratorium, it was fun!
  • Deepna and Simridi
  • Adrienne – thanks for pointing out the skirts!
  • Guys from New York – we never got your names, but we have this message for you
  • Ponheary Ly and family
  • Jon and Steph – thanks for showing us around San Fran!
  • Jenny and Nick – thanks for showing us around LA!

And thanks to all our friends and family back home who supported and encouraged us!

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