Asia 2012 Trip By the Numbers

This is a post by Jenny and David.

Here is a rundown of our Asia trip by the numbers.

Nights spent in California: 6
Nights spent in Asia: 58
Nights spent in the sky: 2
Total trip length: 66 days (9 weeks, 3 days)


Turbo prop from Cambodia to Bangkok

Number of airports: 12
Number of hours spent in airports: 25
Number of flights taken: 13
Number of turbo prop planes ridden: 3
Number of hours spent on planes: 59
Longest flight: 16 hours (San Fran to Hong Kong)
Shortest flight: 55 minutes (Chiang Mai, Thailand to Luang Prabang, Laos)
Total amount of time dedicated to airplane travel: 84 hours (3.5 days)

Number of places (hotel, hostel, guesthouses, friends, etc) we slept: 20


Rough cost breakdowns (total for 2 people):
– Round trip flight to Asia (includes stops in california, paid mostly with frequent flyer miles): $434
– Regional flights around Asia: $1778
Accommodations: $1526
Travel insurance: $422
ATM fees (fully refunded, thanks to Charles Schwab!): $132
Cash (covers food, gifts, activities, etc): $3127

Total cost for 2 people: $7287
Total cost per person: $3643.50
Total daily cost per person per day: $55

Number of blog entries written: 18
Cooking classes taken: 3
Bikes ridden: 12
Elephants ridden: 1
Horses ridden: 2
Number of outdoor markets attended: 14

What do you think – could you do it?

8 thoughts on “Asia 2012 Trip By the Numbers

  1. What does it cost you both to live in Boston for 2 months? I think that would be an interesting comparison. Katie and I spend more than that for 2 months of living in NYC and not travelling at all!

    1. According to, I spent $3,691 per month in 2011. That’s not totally accurate (it’s actually lower than that) but it’s pretty close. And I know that Jenny spends less money than I do.

      But basically, two months of travel cost nearly the same as one month of living in Boston. I saved money by going on this adventure!

      I imagine that living in Asia and not traveling or doing touristy stuff must be even cheaper.

      1. Looking further into my spending last year, that number sounds too high. It seems that I spent less than $3,000 per month last year, but it’s pretty difficult to come up with an accurate number.

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