The Epic Asian Video Montage

Here’s a video wrap-up of our trip. We had to leave some things out, such as snorkeling, horseback riding, longtail boat trips, and all of the delicious food we ate.  If we included everything, the video would be 9 weeks long. =)

The catchy song is “Do-Ther-Tum” by Job 2 Do, a Thai reggae group that is very popular out there.

I hope that this inspires everyone to take an adventure of their own. Enjoy!

PS If you’re having trouble viewing the movie here, try viewing it in YouTube instead:

2 thoughts on “The Epic Asian Video Montage

  1. Wonderful….It was like the “Amazing Race” without all of the challenges !! Why aren’t you two on that show ??? I’m looking forward to the trip to Portugal. The only adventure I had there (back in November) was when a fellow cruise ship passenger had her jewelry grabbed from her neck in Lisbon 😦 I’m sure your adventures will be a lot more exciting. Keep me posted and thanks for the ‘Big Bang” !!

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