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The coolest app I have on my iPhone is called 360 Panorama by Occipital. As you can imagine, it takes 360-degree panorama photos. And it is awesome. These all-around panoramas really help to give a sense of space.

I took a lot of panoramas while we were in Asia but I can’t embed them on this blog (wordpress has trouble with them), so you’ll have to go look at my page on Occipital’s website. For best results, click on the panoramas and they’ll go into a full-screen 360 mode. If the picture looks fuzzy, give it a minute to come into focus and then you can scroll around with your mouse.

Because of the way the pictures are captured, and because of environmental factors and things around me, some of the panoramas are cropped or people are clipped. Oh well, it makes for a more interesting photo!

Anyway, without further ado, check out the panoramas here.

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