It has begun!

I’m writing from the hammock of a rooftop patio in Buenos Aires; it’s about 60 degrees with a slight breeze and I can hear a dog barking and people in the nearby park. I’ve been drinking direct from a $5 bottle of wine. It’s 20:41 (8:41PM) and the sun has set just a bit ago – there’s still a faint glow in the sky. And it is totally glorious!!

Our rooftop patio at Sabatico Hostel

We had a reasonably uneventful but long journey to get here – we left our house in Boston at about 2:45pm on Tuesday and arrived at our hostel in Buenos Aires at about 10:30am on Wednesday – a long and tiring transit.

Our flight was overnight from Miami, but neither of us slept much. Once we got through the long customs line in the Buenos Aires airport,  our Lonely Planet guidebook had listed a website of a minibus that we could take from the airport to close to our hostel. We asked at the tourist office where to pick up the bus and she said to walk a block to the “banco corporativo”.

Waiting. Where is the “aerobus”?

Long story short, after over an hour and asking 4 different people about it, we waited “entre las plantas” in front of the bank and picked up a minibus to the center of town. From talking to a Scottish guy on the bus, it turns out it’s more of a courier service that allows passengers than a bus company. But it was cheap and worked out great.

A shot from Plaza del Congresso
A shot from Plaza del Congresso

We’re 2 hours ahead of Boston time and restaurants here don’t open until 20:00 (8:00PM), with most people going out at 10:00pm. So, we’re going to go win a ping pong tournament at our hostel, then head to a late dinner. Tomorrow we’re going on a bike tour of the historical sites.

And yes, we feel like we are totally living the dream.

3 thoughts on “It has begun!

    1. We’re all winners here! Just kidding. David and I played 3 games against each other and I lost all of them (I blame the wine). Due to some confusion about time and disorganization, we missed the official tournament (one sign said 20:00, one said 19:00, and the guy at the desk said 21:00..). When we got back from dinner, there was a bracket system on the board with our names on it, but we couldn’t find the people we were supposed to play – oh well! But dinner was very delicious pizza – the house special – of cheese, prscuitto, green olives, sliced tomato, roasted red pepper – very good!

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