It has begun!

I’m writing from the hammock of a rooftop patio in Buenos Aires; it’s about 60 degrees with a slight breeze and I can hear a dog barking and people in the nearby park. I’ve been drinking direct from a $5 bottle of wine. It’s 20:41 (8:41PM) and the sun has set just a bit ago – there’s still a faint glow in the sky. And it is totally glorious!!

Our rooftop patio at Sabatico Hostel

We had a reasonably uneventful but long journey to get here – we left our house in Boston at about 2:45pm on Tuesday and arrived at our hostel in Buenos Aires at about 10:30am on Wednesday – a long and tiring transit.

Our flight was overnight from Miami, but neither of us slept much. Once we got through the long customs line in the Buenos Aires airport, Β our Lonely Planet guidebook had listed a website of a minibus that we could take from the airport to close to our hostel. We asked at the tourist office where to pick up the bus and she said to walk a block to the “banco corporativo”.

Waiting. Where is the “aerobus”?

Long story short, after over an hour and asking 4 different people about it, we waited “entre las plantas” in front of the bank and picked up a minibus to the center of town. From talking to a Scottish guy on the bus, it turns out it’s more of a courier service that allows passengers than a bus company. But it was cheap and worked out great.

A shot from Plaza del Congresso
A shot from Plaza del Congresso

We’re 2 hours ahead of Boston time and restaurants here don’t open until 20:00 (8:00PM), with most people going out at 10:00pm. So, we’re going to go win a ping pong tournament at our hostel, then head to a late dinner. Tomorrow we’re going on a bike tour of the historical sites.

And yes, we feel like we are totally living the dream.

3 thoughts on “It has begun!

    1. We’re all winners here! Just kidding. David and I played 3 games against each other and I lost all of them (I blame the wine). Due to some confusion about time and disorganization, we missed the official tournament (one sign said 20:00, one said 19:00, and the guy at the desk said 21:00..). When we got back from dinner, there was a bracket system on the board with our names on it, but we couldn’t find the people we were supposed to play – oh well! But dinner was very delicious pizza – the house special – of cheese, prscuitto, green olives, sliced tomato, roasted red pepper – very good!

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