Up Next: Mexico & Costa Rica!

Delicious tacos and ruins from past societies? Monkeys and exotic birds? Idyllic beaches, volcanos, and speaking in a foreign language 24/7? UNESCO sites up the wazoo? Delicious, inexpensive, fresh food for days?

Yes, yes please.

That is all to say that we’ve decided to go on another long trip! We took the fact that Jenny didn’t get a full-time permanent job and that it was below 20 degrees for like 10 days straight as signs that we should head south again for another trip this winter. So, after much hemming and hawing, we leave for Mexico and Costa Rica in less than 3 weeks (we fly out on Tuesday, February 6th)!

Here is some visual inspiration of places we’ll be going:

Mexico City
San Miguel de Allende
Volcan Arenal
Costa Rica has a lot of birds!

We’re not sure when we’re coming back (we have one-way tickets right now) but assume it will be around 2-3 months.

Check out our “itinerary” for more on where we’re going (suggestions welcome!) and FAQs for questions you might have.

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