Where Are We & What’re We Doing?

We’ve been a little lazy in the blogging department – sometimes it’s hard to write when there are so many things to do! When we have down time because we’re tired or it’s too hot to do anything else, we’ve found ourselves more likely to be reading a book, going swimming, or just laying around in a hammock (or, theoretically, doing onward travel planning – a constant to do!) instead of blogging.

Every few days we “take a day off” from traveling/doing touristic things and do things like workout, laundry, yoga, cook, grocery shop, write, or just kinda hang out (and again, do that whole planning thing). It’s fun to go to events, go on tours, and go see cool stuff, but sometimes it’s nice to just chill out too.

All of this is to say that most likely our blog entries won’t be in order/about where we are at that exact moment. So, where are we, and where have we been?

To put it briefly (more to come on all):

We were in Mexico City (pop. ~8.9 million) for 6 nights and really enjoyed it. It’s a huge city with a solid metro and endless amount of things to do. We already told you a bit about the city and our visit there, and our trip to see lucha libre.

Jenny with the remains of Tenochtitlan and the Cathedral.

Then we flew to Merida (pop. ~827,000), the capital of the state of Yucatan (which is one of 3 states on the Yucatan Peninsula – which is where Cancun & Cozumel are – jutting out into the Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic).  The Yucatan is hot and tropical. Merida is a beautiful city – voted the cultural capital of Latin America (twice) with a large historic center and rich with Mayan and colonial history and architecture. From our base in Merida, we visited the beach in Progresso (home of the longest port in the world at over 3 miles long) and the ruins of Uxmal.  The town itself has events just about every day/night – from concerts, to bike rides, to light shows, and Mayan demonstrations.

We moved on to Valladolid (pop. ~ 51,700), about 2 hours east of Merida and 2 hours west of Cancun. The town is colorful and less touristy than Merida – it feels a little more like we’re where people actually live. It’s close to Chichen Itza (the great Mayan city) and many swimming holes.

Beautiful building in Merida

Soon we move out of this region and on to Oaxaca – which is both a state and a city. We’ll start in Oaxaca City (pop. ~259,200)- which we’ve heard a lot of good things about (especially the food). It’s on the central plateau at 5,000 feet and has a mild climate all year round.

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