Lucha Libre – Part 2!

We were in Mexico City at the beginning of our trip and found ourselves back here for a few days on our way between Puerto Escondido and San Miguel de Allende. We intentionally timed our return to the city to coincide with Friday night Lucha Libre. You can see our last Lucha Libre bloggery here.

Last time, we got tickets for $110MXN. This time we sprung for $200MXN tickets (~$10.70USD) and it was totally worth it! Our seats were much closer and in the thick of the crowd. And, this match was a bigger match (more famous luchadores) and the crowd was really into it. I won’t write them here, but there was a lot of yelling of swears and taunting in Spanish, which was hilarious.

Being this much closer, we got some better pictures and videos.

Also, vendors came by literally about every 45 seconds – selling double beers, popcorns, mini Domino’s pizzas, nuts, chips, and much more. It was nice to be able to get stuff, but also got a bit annoying!

Check out this mash up of videos, where I tried to catch the most exciting moves.

Overall, it was a good time 🙂

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